Red-Hawk James  

Red-Hawk James  



13 Jun 2024

Highgate Vampyre 

Highgate Vampyre Poster

Highgate Vampyre Poster

Documentary filmmakers investigate reports of a vampire at Highgate Cemetery in London. They witness paranormal activity and encounter the legendary Vampyre of Highgate while filming at the graveyard.

Chris Shane Sanders

Writer (as Chris Sanders)

Known forThe Redemption of Harry Day(2019)Producers (66)Steve Alexander (I)

Associate Producer

Known forNo Escape (I) (2015)Steven Robert Alexander

Associate Producer

Known forAnother Plan from Outer Space(2018)

Executive Producer: Jimmy Redhawk James

13 Jun 2024

Bikers vs Werewolf’s 

Bikers Vs Werewolf’s Poster

Bikers Vs Werewolf’s Poster

As bikers roll into a forgotten town during their journey to Sturgis, a night of respite takes a sinister turn when a rival gang transforms into werewolves, unleashing chaos and terror on the unsuspecting townsfolk.Mahal Empire ProductionsMicheal Su -DirectorPhil HermanAssociate ProducerKnown for: Doomday  Stories (2023)Mark Hopwood (IV)Co-Producer, Executive  ProducerKnown for: Arena  Wars (2024)Paul Hughbanks (I)Executive ProducerKnown for: The Beast Comes at Midnight(2023)Jimmy Redhawk JamesExecutive ProducerKnown for : The  Dawn (2019)

13 Jun 2024

Dr. Jason || Lights and Shadows 

Dr. Jason 2 Lights and Shadows

Dr. Jason 2 Lights and Shadows

A satanic alliance tries to pave the way for the birth of the Antichrist.Filmmakers

 Director: George Tounas 

George Tounas (creator)(story) (characters)(original idea) 

| Jeffrey B. Wayne (co-writer)

|Muddy Fingers (contributing writer)

Producer: George Tounas

Executive Producer: Jimmy Redhawk James

13 Jun 2024

City Rush 4 Poster

City Rush 4 Poster

Writers: George Tounas (characters) (creator)(original idea) (story)

 Jeffrey B. Wayne (co-writer)

Producer: GeorgeTounas  

Mauerhofer Cinematographer

Jimmy Redhawk James -Crime Victim/ Executive Producer 

30 Mar 2024

Friday The 13th Blood Loss

Friday The 13th Blood Loss

Friday The 13th Blood Loss

The tragic mysteries surrounding Camp Crystal Lake are explored when a young detective is tasked with investigating the sudden disappearance of several residents.

 Anthony Caimano Director/Writer/Executive Producer/ Forever Entertainment 

Mandy Cantone / Director 2 /Writer/Producer

Jimmy Redhawk James Associate Producer 

16 Jan 2024

The Farm House Murders                                                                    Executive Producer-Jimmy Redhawk James

The Farm House Murders

The Farm House Murders

THE FARMHOUSE MURDERS is a new horror film from Kevin Duffy. The film stars Larry Hankin (Escape from Alcatraz, Home Alone, Friends, Seinfeld, Breaking Bad), Marlon Taylor (Stephen King’s IT), and Angel Bradford (Desperate Souls).Gerald Johnson vanished while looking for answers to his son’s disappearance. When two young podcasters covering the story also disappear, a private detective investigates the area and comes across a strange family at a nearby farm.

7 Oct 2022
The Tryst-Husband Wife and Their Lover

The Tryst-Husband Wife and Their Lover

The Tryst ( Husband Wife and Their Lover ) 2022

Vest Entertainment

Lifetime Television 


When a Advertisement Exec's husband suggests a third relationship in their bed to spice up the marriage, she invites her female trainer to join them. However, she soon learns that the trainer is insane and out for revenge for something in the past and must find a way to stop the woman before she ruins both their lives.

29 Jun 2022
Mistletoe Massacre

Mistletoe Massacre

Mistletoe Massacre

Marion Callevero has her guest list checked twice to host the company Christmas event, but gifts quickly turn to gore. This struggling staff has been invited to the party but no one will be returning home for the holidays.

Directors: Lauren Francesca | Shawn C Phillips

Producers: Shawn C Phillips / Lauren Francesca

Producers: Jimmy Redhawk James

29 Jun 2022

Attack of the Unknown

A SWAT team transporting a vicious crime syndicate boss must fight their way out of a county detention center during a catastrophic alien invasion.

Director: Brandon Slagle

Production: Mahal Empire 

Executive Producer: Jimmy Redhawk James

Attack of the Unknown

Attack of the Unknown

10 Jul 2016
The Dawn

The Dawn


Film Television Credits


Film:           The Dawn

Production:   Jaguar Films

Director:Writer:       Brandon Slagle

Role:                      Quanah   (Native American)


Film:              Escape From Ensenada

Production:      Jaguar Films

Production:         Cannon Films

Director:                 Brandon Slagle

Role:                         Roy (Range Owner) 


Film:              The Pipeline 

Production:       Son Of A Biscuit 

Director:               Caitlin Kapazis

Role:                         Leonard Paxa ( Tribal Police )


Film:               Hold On

Production:       Universal NBC

Director(s):          Tarek Tohme

Role:                        Man In Church   

Role:                             Man At Concert 


Film:               The House Of Manson 

Production:        Micro Bay Features

Director:                Brandon Slagle

Role:                          Police Officer 


Film:                About Scout

Production:         Disputer Pictutes

Production:             Brown Bag Productions

Director:                     Laurie Weitz

Role:                              Man In Airport 


Film:                 Cowboys & Indians

Production:          Burk Brothers Productions

Production:             Black Claw Productions

Director(s):                 Aaron & Tyler Burk

Role:                               Chief White Elk


Film:                 The Best Of Times

Production:          Kings Road Entertainment

Production:             Universal Studios

Director(s)                  Roger Spottiswoode

Role:                              Taft Player # 12


Music:                Magic Giants

Video:                    Shake Me Up

Production:               Light Layer Productions

Director(s):                   Christian Pierce

Role:                                 Chess Player # 1


Music:                 That Poppy

Video:                    LowLife

Production:               Anthem Films U.S.A

Director(s):                   Titanic Sinclair

Role:                                 Man In Wheelchair

                                             ( Investor )


Music:                  R-5 

Video:                    Heart Made Up On You

                                  Concept Video

Production:                   Walt Disney Music LLC.

Production:                       Artists and Derelicts

 Director(s):                          Thom Glunt

Role:                                       ManGlassWindow


Music:                  Luke Conrad        

 Video:                   IF Video     

                                You Tube 

Production:                YouTube Video

Director(s):                   Andrew Valentine

Role:                                Priest


Music:                  Michael Jackson

Video:                    Thriller

Production:              Quincy Jones Productions

Director(s):                  John Landis

Role:                                Zombie ( Cemetery )


Music:                  Atomic Shallow

                               Full Force Rising

Video:                        This is it

Production:                   MTV Music Channel

Director(s):                      Mike Martinez

Role:                                   Gang Member


Internet:              USC Cinematic Arts

Video:                     Patients.Pilot

Production:               USC Performing Arts

Director(s):                   Garin Thomas

Role:                                Man in Subway Car


Industrial:           Career Builders

Video:                    Training Video

Production:               Career Builders 

Director(s):                   Grant James

Role:                                Office Manager


Television:          Neighbors

Episode:                Native American Balle

Production:              ABC Television

Director(s):                  Kris Koch

Role:                               Crazy Native


Television:          Tornado Alley

Episode:                 Grandma Vs Tornado

Production:                The Weather Channel

Director(s):                    Mark Roswell

Role:                                 Homeowner

Projects:             Thelma & Louise

                              The Great Outdoors

                                 The X Files








Commercials:      True Credit Commercials

Episode:                 Manage Your Credit

                                  Manage Your Life

Production:                   Harpo Productions

Production:                      Target com

Production:                         Shirley Feldman

Director(s):                            Tim Chaffy

Role:                                         Spoke Person



Rainbow1 Productions 2015
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